Last of Lateness Luxury

School will be happening again on Monday. Which means I have to get my little darlings back on something resembling a schedule during this weekend.

Fun times.

I maintain the joy of slobbing around in my slobwear whenever I can, though. I anticipate getting dressed long about 2PM so I can collect Mayhem from his place of traineeship.

And after that? I dunno.

My dream self has been visiting my maternal grandfather of late. It's weird that I can remember my past dreams subconsciously and serialise some of them. Around this time last week, I dreamed that we visited him and he tried to feed us a maccas meal that came with cornettos. Something that does not exist in this reality. This week, we were back with my mum in tow and the foodstuffs we left behind were still in their pristine states because of the cold.

Mum had rounded up a treat I was permitted this week that I had my eye on, and as I was digging it out of the rubbish, I found out that she'd indiscriminately thrown out "half the kitchen" - a pot, some glasses and most of a bottle of dishwashing liquid. At which point the dream ended.

I have no idea what my subconscious is trying to tell me, but my dream self really wanted a frozen mango spider and a cornetto for some reason. And was willing to dig through the rubbish in order to get it.

Those concerned about my vegetable intake can relax. I'm back onto sides of keto-friendly herbivorous intake. In this case, a "green fry" of wombok, zucchini, bok or pak choi [I cannot tell the difference] and mushrooms with the roast, and grated up zucchini and broccoli in the shepherd's pie. Of course we used cauliflower for the lid. It turned out rather well.

My mashed cauli recipe is still the best mashed cauli recipe five-ever.

Story soon.