It's official

Spring has sprung, my dear readers. The weather is warming to the point where I don't need my fluffy hat to prevent my sneezing myself into oblivion.


On the other hand, it's moving into Summer and I've done exactly jack and shit on the Sleep Evil Sleep Project.

Biggest hurdle - getting an accurate 'read' on where I left the animation so that I can get back on and sync the next bit. I did have a program that could play flash animations accurately [without looping, without playing continuing audio over looping animation, and -as far as I could tell- without lag.

Thing is... it's been a while. And my memory. My memory is still as firkin shocking as it has ever been. So I can no longer remember the name of the app and it's pay-to-play so the trial period has probably run out and-- AAARGH.

...and I probably can't afford it even if I could remember.

Help with this clusterfuck is appreciated.