It's Lurgi

It seems like everything hit me at once, and my semi-annual lung trouble decided that this was a fine time to team up with Keto Flu and whatever was going around and make beautiful mucous together.

Translated: I have a bacterial infection in my bronchii.

So I've made an appointment to see a doctor today about getting some antibiotics to make that fuck off. Meanwhile, Beloved and I are making plans to get all the calories we need because our current stomach capacity is not up to the task of 1600+ kcal in two or less sittings.

This is why "fat bombs" exist.

And speaking of fat bombs... I put extra cream into my morning smoothie, yesterday. And an extra-large smoothie, too, because Beloved wanted some. And since the raspberries add too many carbs, I switched to pure organic cocoa powder. And four home-grown mint leaves. I also decided to use all of my cream, including the chunky bits.

And I accidentally made chocolate butter.

Beloved and I drained off the buttermilk and drank that, and turned our accidental chocolate butter into deliberate chocolate fat bombs with extra MCT.

They seem to be working a charm for the Keto Flu, but my malady has some hated extras that I wish were optional. Horking up green things is never my favourite activity.

Which means I have to mention the Keto and the good things it did for me before my immune system decided to raise its middle finger in my general direction. Which means I might get lectures from all the other doctors I see from then on. Ah well. It just sets up a good reason to do a cholesterol check after yule.

Apparently, I'm genetically at risk for higher cholesterol, as is MeMum (who doesn't want to do Keto because lipid theory1) so this will be the acid test of the diet. By the time January rolls around, I'll have been on Keto long enough for it to have an effect, one way or another, on my arteries.

Which means I will be another data point in the millions of data points that show that the lipid theory is wrong. Yes, I am that confident about it. And if it turns out that I am wrong, I will state so publicly. On as many forums as I can manage.

I'm not betting money because our economic fluidity is rather... debatable at the moment. We have Yule to pay for, books to pay for, and other things to arrange.

And, come January, I shall begin bothering agents once more with Kung Fu Zombies, a heart-warming tale of a boy and his slipping grip on reality.

So much to do. With any luck, I'll have the energy to do it, too.

  1. AKA the Lipid Hypothesis which was invented when a scientist fed cholesterol to rabbits (who aren't equipped to handle cholesterol at all BTW) and noted the buildup in their arteries. He then erroneously assumed that the same thing happened in humans. Then a bloke named Ancel Keys cherry-picked his data in the 1951 "Seven Countries Study" so that he could start off an entire chain of alarmists trying to save us from ourselves. Dieticians and doctors everywhere have been blatantly ignoring the mountain of studies that prove the lipid theory incorrect ever since.