It's getting closer to Christmas

I haven't bought any more presents and I really should. I need to figure out what to get my little darlings on a slim budget. And something for Beloved that they will actually like/use.

Beloved is hard to purchase for. They have the freedom to get pretty much anything they want when they want it. Anything they can't get - I can't afford.

I feel absolutely rotten not getting anything for Beloved, because they mean so much to me. It kind'a hurts being both broke and lame enough to not know what will get them smiling.

And I refuse point blank to buy them Adam Sandler movies because (1) That actor has jumped the shark several years ago, (2) I will have to suffer through at least one viewing of said film(s), (3) I can not STAND Adam Firkin Sandler and his bland, samey, unfunny shenanigans.


The same goes for most romcoms. They're samey, plastic parodies of actual love, which is awkward and embarrassing and usually filled with angst. I want to see a romcom where the dude is neither white nor blandly attractive, and the Hollywood Ugly girl doesn't need a makeover to passively gain attention. I want to see a romcom where the girl nerd remains a girl nerd and finds someone who does not gatekeep her out of her favourite things. I want a romcom where the expected bland white cishet couple goes absolutely nowhere with her following The Rules and him playing The Game, while the way more interesting browner, queerer people find happiness in a weird but functional family.

I want a romcom where the male lead does NOT have at least twenty years on his female counterpart.

I want a romcom that has old people kissing.

I want a romcom that has actual jokes that make me laugh every time. And nary a sign of quote-unquote 'jokes' that resort primarily on sexual embarrassment.

Alas, Beloved loves them all. It perplexes me, it really does. I can't understand how they love that sort of stuff. Beloved can't understand my deep and abiding passion for Steam Powered Giraffe, either.

It wouldn't be a good relationship if we were exactly the same...