It's another Monday!

Our budget is shot to shit. Basically, I needed new underpinnings and my size is not cheap or readily available. Curse of being an odd-bod, I guess.

It's Monday, and I have heaps to do.

Brat run, money quest, cleaning day, the obligatory fiction production and the waiting on tenterhooks for agent-type rejection. And trying to stay focussed despite Shiny Elf art.

Streeman is still down. It will fluff entirely up when I least expect it. So look out for that. If anyone wants to put me on blast when it happens, my twitter handle is InterNutter.

Not that I'm on twitter that much. I'm like the polar opposite of the Muppet, there.

I have a snatch of time to maybe grab some food and get my shoes before it all goes to shit. I need every luck I can grab, TBH.