It's a day of rest

So of course I woke up in the wee small with heebie-jeebie nightmares. I actually dreamed that Mayhem got so good at calligraphy, that he was being investigated for forging money(!).

And our dollarydoos aren't that easy to forge. Seriously. They're plastic. You can't just fake it with the right kind of paper. And the era of hand-forging is... like... in the 1870's ffs.

Then I got upset about a Fandom thing [Steam Powered Giraffe are moving on with their Malfunction video, and the specs have changed and I am very far away from my art supplies] and immediately discovered that I had plugged my phone into a recharger that was turned off at the point.

I'm batting zero for zero, right now.

And I'm still trying to figure out how half of my clothes were put away wet so I can't wear them until they're washed and dried. Mildew smell is the absolute worst.

But it is Sunday. The best day in the world for lounging around in pyjamas and not doing anything very much. Which is one of my ultimate goals.