It's 4AM and my life sucks a little

Got woken up by another asthma attack at two in the morning and didn't take a nebuliser dose until 3. I'm going to need another dose long about 6AM. This is indeed a Bad Air Day.

I'm now worried that I may cause alarm and despondency if I need to use my machine in public at Tucson. And to that end, I've warned Miss Bennett about me and put an FAQ on my phone.

I still have no idea if Bunny sees my asks. I tend to have the worst timing in regards to putting stuff in her inbox.

Things that once went right are starting to go wrong...

Asthma attacks on a Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season level [it's Autumn. Of firkin COURSE it's Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season despite the firkin heat] are just the first step.

  • The power cable for my laptop has died the death and replacements must come from either Tanegashima or firkin Narnia. By snailmail. [The very nice dude who I ordered it from understands my panic and promises to get it to me ASAP]
  • The large picture frame that I was using to block the dawn light in my office has fallen and broken and...
  • Because of my asthma attack, I am too twitchy to even try and clean that up, and...
  • Because of the hour, I am in my bare feet. Firkin yay
  • I'm dizzy and twitchy and it still hurts to breathe
  • This is nasty, I'm getting dimmed vision [But I'm still okay for limited definitions of okay. I think]
  • I'm really, really worried I'm gonna pull this "party Trick" in Tucson and panic everybody including SPG and I definitely don't want to give the best band in the world a firkin panic situation and...
  • I really don't want to miss the performance because I was hauled off in an ambulance ffs [Fuck Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season. Fuck it up the ass! Sideways! With the ungodly progeny of a pineapple and a frelling cheese grater!]

(I feel very strongly about my asthma. You can tell)

I have to look at the positives or I'll just end up in another pillow fort all firkin day.

  • I have a stopgap charging arrangement that sort-of works a bit
  • I have the cutest dress for my cosplay on order and it's custom made. Even if it doesn't get here in time, I can kludge together SOMETHING to stand in its place for Tucson because...
  • I am guaran-firkin-teed to be going as Bitzer to every firkin con that I pay to get into. [When/If they start paying me to come, I might have to arrange a day to be Not At My Table]
  • I can get the rest of my makeups locally [Already has silver, black, and gold!], and there are multiple sources for the petticoats nearby
  • Beloved is helping me with the mask and the heart and finding just the right pair of shoes - even though literally nobody will care about the footwear
  • I have four firkin pairs of striped pantyhose now bring it the fuck on
  • I have successfully covered most of the bases in my FAQ. If so requested, I will post it in my Tumblr
  • I have sources for cool makeup shit and striped pantyhose in my size Always Wicked Art and Atomic Cherry, respectively, are firkin AMAZEBALLS
  • I have been practising Bitzer's little tics so often that it's almost second nature. All I have to worry about is using my left hand to pick up things first
  • I am going to be so firkin hyper at Tucson that I will not have to fret about maintaining character or energy levels. I may have to fret about being able to sleep though...
  • When I'm out getting the shoes and the petticoats and the makeups, I am allowed to get myself extra undies without guilt
  • I think I may have figured out a way to fix the mesh fingerless gloves that are available so that they look all antique and partially wrecked. It involves tracing my hand, cheap black cloth, and equally cheap black lace and -yes!- the help of a willing compatriot. Expect a blog entry about this
  • I actually have a Significant Other who wants to help, and did all the other things to get me to Tucson en Robotte

It's almost 5 AM now. Time to find my thongs [that's flipflops for the Americans in my audience] Then I shall take a walk and have my dosage and do all the other things that must be done. Yay.

Sure, I have to reserve some time to go visit MeMum and get the bloomers finalised... and that's a four-hour round trip. But it's coming together. It's okay. I should not panic.

Because I am paranoid enough to arrange for extra everything, just in case. (I never thought I'd be grateful for intrusive thoughts)