Iris and Peter Get Married (Eventually) [pt 19]

Chapter Nineteen.
(Four metal people, Easily impressed, For want of a kiss, and The bad loud noise)

"See?" said Rabbit, they were using their best whisper. "Said I found Ma."

The Spine held one finger over his mouth. His version of tippy-toes was a nervous shuffle. Behind him were the new two. Units Three and Four. Their glowing eyes wide and curious.

"Whazzat?" said Unit Three.

Rabbit gestured in a showman-like way at Ma as she slept on the tiny, low shelf. "This Ma. She nice. She help dummins big weak baby The Spine."

"Sshh," insisted The Spine.

"Ma give Pappy fuel, so Pappy make us. Make Pappy smile."

"Ooooh," cooed Unit Four. He was made wrong and didn't have any feet. He also needed extra lenses just to see. He was also the easiest to impress. "Ma pretty. Low boiler? Cold water?"

"Sleeping princess wanna... Truluv kissykiss," nodded Three. "...'s inna book."

"Nah-uh," said Rabbit with some authority. "Ma 'n' Pappy is building up steam. Listen. Hear th' gears growlin'."

Four automatons leaned over their idle Ma. Listened intently to the slight buzzing whenever her bellows inflated.

"Ma quiet," observed Three.

"Got good grease," bubbled The Spine.

"Ooooooh," cooed Four. "Give Pappy grease? Yesno?"

Someone with the same body as Ma, but with a different head, came into the kitchen. All four automatons straightened to stare.

"Spare Ma?" risked Three.

The new human made a big, loud, long noise. Bad noise. Scream noise. It was the noise that made a lot of yelling and angry.

To an automaton, they all started to sound their emergency sirens. Which only made the loud in the room be louder.

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