International cuisine

Like all wisdom, some of the best food comes from outside of what we know. Beloved is determined to get this family away from western-themed bland monotony and ignorance of spices.

I miss Sweet Mustard Pickles, so Beloved has suggested a Korean version of Sauerkraut as a substitute. This version doesn't use sugar as a part of the pickling process, so I'm down with that.

We have lots of other options from all over the world. Some of which have ingredients that are tricky to find - coconut vinegar, for example. I'm pretty sure the difference is minute between that and most other vinegars available.

And, strangely enough, lots of the healthier countries eat way less carbs and have interesting sources of fats than we do. International cuisine can widen horizons and promote understanding. As long as we don't attempt to westernize it and therefore blandify the original.

Beloved and I fell asleep after yesterday's running around, and slept until 2AM. Good thing I did my novel's words before retiring.

I gave up on sleep a little closer to the dawn and began my day.

Today, I think we'll be doing a lot of cooking. Or, at least, food preparation. I still have hopes for seeing Moanna before the end of the year, but I'm willing to wait until payday.

Beloved and I have also found a way to make fluids tasty. There's a sugar-free flavour concentrate that comes in a tiny bottle, it's called lqd+ and though it tastes heavily of artificial sweetener, it's way more amenable than the plastic taste of the filter. With good luck, we should have little trouble staying hydrated henceforth.

Good news - my stories are getting lots of notice on Steemit. My most recent Instant gained 137 votes, yesterday. I owe a Disqus chatroom for mention of it for that much fame. Here's hoping I maintain that notice.

I'm not doing too bad for a few days on a new system.