Inertia is fun

It's almost 9 and I still haven't done anything productive. I have plans to see Deadpool and plans to see The Wonder Woman Movie er... Quasi-Homo-Erotic Posturing no. Wait. I got this. Batman vs Superman.

There we go.

Anyways, I have something of a personal mission to see all the grimdark and potentially nasty stuff I want to see but usually can't, before the kids come back from Scenic Coominya. And only so much money to see us through until next payday.

And I still have to box up the humongous piles of Special Fried Rice I made last night.

[Povo cooking tip: No matter how you plan and how little money you got, Special Fried Rice seems to be one of those self-replicating dishes. You start off with a little of everything and finish with OMG-Fucktons of Special Fried Rice. Invest in those plastic takeout boxes and own a freezer. Trust me on this]

[Spoonies cooking tip: You will always need assistance on the last stages of Special Fried Rice]

Of course, I only have myself and my habit of using ENTIRE PACKETS OF THINGS to blame.

So this afternoon - hopefully after I am done with today's Instant and my 500 words - I shall be going local to see Deadpool and then immediately traipsing all the way to Chermside to go see Grown Men in Tights Fighting Each Other I mean Batman vs Superman.

Damn I'm bad at that one.

I must to work.