I'm so stoked :D

Steam Powered Giraffe is up to their usual New Album Steamboat Shenanigans and posting a teaser video.


How could you not love a band that does this to for their fans?

I am an excited little Nutter as you might guess, and if I haven't already watched this a squidillion times, then I'm probably going to.

Hatchy's little voice hitch at "You can make mine obsolete" already has me by the heart strings. I can't help it. I'm in love with fictional robots and the very talented people who play them. I want them all -real or no- to prosper and achieve happiness.

Plus Hatchy is my adorable cinnamon bun woobie child and he deserves all the snuggles and loves.

So be prepared, dear readers. My thoughts will be solidly on the new upcoming album and any niftiness that the Bennett twins and Mr Luke decide to share. I will probably be devoting more of my spare time to SPG fanfics and gabble on the social boards.

And I get a digital copy of the album ON THE DAY IT RELEASES. YES! Which means I don't have to spend upwards of two weeks tackling the postie for my physical copy. I mean... I'm going to do it anyway, but I don't have to get anxious about it.

Which means I can focus all of my anxiety on going to Tullagawoopwoop, which promises to be colder than Satan's backyard dunny seat. And I'm a fragile little Queenslander and thusly not prepared for the cold. PLUS my car transmission has gone out of snuff and needs a quick kicking, so I have to arrange for that to happen as well.


So much expense, so little money.