I'm learning things!

So whilst we were out adventuring and picking up hints and tips to the care and handling of washes, and also some clues on how to dotpaint.

Which resulted in: a kit of washes with a wash brush, a fine point brush, a big-ass box to store all this shit in, and a little pot holder to hold up to three pots of paint whilst I work.

After we were done with all that noise, we tripped over one of those hot-spots full of artsy stuff and I fell down a well of temptation. To whit: one glass pen(!), and a little hand-made journal with a pressed leather cover and homemade paper on the inside. Delicious.

I unboxed my glass pen this morrow and learned:

  • The ink gets firkin everywhere!
  • Those pens hold more ink than you might expect
  • In fact, they hold more than a standard nib
  • They are shockingly easy to write with!


I have ink on my hands from taking the stopper out of the teeny weeny little ink bottle, and a page of scratchings on a piece of scrap paper where my usual scribbly hand asserted itself. Bluh. I need to exercise my calligraphy muscles and research where to source inks for glass pens 'cause I think the viscosity's a little different to the ole India Ink.

Yes, I have worked with a nib pen before and yes, it slows you the feck down so calligraphy is more or less easier. I'm going to have to consciously slow down when using the glass pen. Whee. Also I need to find out how well this pen handles on the homemade paper so yay.

What am I doing with all this? Creating a journal for my Tiefling! Wheee!

Yeah, I've fallen hard down that rabbit hole, so what?