I'm going blue!

The Dress of my Dreams is currently relaxing in a warehouse for the weekend. Assuming it doesn't go to a warehouse closer to Burpengary over the interim, it should have a nice, relaxing weekend before meeting its doom owner.

This weekend, I'm getting my hair and nails done.

Plan C - if some incompetent specimen looses my luggage - I am still an off-duty Walter Worker with my blue hair and nerd shirt on. I've been unable to find blue lipstick in my area. I'm hoping at least the con is willing to sell me some. If not? Fuckit. The blue matter hasn't touched my lips yet.

Not that I expect the Costume Police to be in force, but still. I can bullshit with the best of them if need be.

Meanwhile, I have two hours to write a story before the rest of my day is swallowed by a hairdressing chair.