I'm getting better...

It'd be funnier if I had a picture of myself on a body cart... nevermind.

The lurgi has shifted out of my brain, so at least I'm mentally clear.

My doctor also didn't want to prescribe antibiotics, so I'll be getting rid of green things for some significant time. Which means lots of lemon and ginger tea and lots and lots of salty broth.

With my brain operational, I can now focus on writing a lot better. Alas, I'm still a lot scattershot, so I'd rather be working on some slow-burn SPG lorefic AU1 than anything that has a chance of earning me an income.

I can't help it. The fanfic is shinier than my work. I've spent two hours on it, this morning, before I figured I should at least blog about what's going on.

Beloved has been having tum trouble. And since we both have been fighting different Lurgies, they've come up with a theory. Since we're shedding fat like gangbusters [I've dropped an entire kilo! In a day!] we're also encountering any number of toxins that our bodies shoved into those fat deposits 'just for now'.

And like all things put aside, 'just for now', it's biting our butts.

We're trying to flush that sort of thing from our systems, but it's slow going.

And we made Plns to go see Rogue One in Gold Class, today.

So I have to wriggle to get that to happen.

Story soon enough.

  1. "Slow burn" is fic-tag-ese for 'slow build-up, huge payoff'. SPG, of course, stands for my favourite steampunk band, Steam Powered Giraffe. Lorefic is fiction that happens within the lore, or the backstory, of the thing you're writing for. And lastly, AU stands for Alternate Universe. This has been your geekspeak brief tutorial.