I'm 44

...and everything's gone to shit. I got rejected by yet another agent, the birthday card from MeMum hasn't arrived yet (three raspberries for the Aussie postal service), and the careful timing of this morning did not account for Beloved dragging their feet until such time that I have to do my blogging on the road. Huzzah.

Thank providence for laptops, mobile hotspots, and USB car charger ports. Otherwise, I would be supremely miffed at my Beloved.

All going well, I will achieve some kind of inertia combatting protocol, because Beloved is not a morning person. I'm not a morning person, either, but I had to learn how to deal. Now it's their turn. Cue evil laugh.

Today, miss Chaos is headed up to her mental health appointment. Good for Chaos, bad for my phone plan. And today, I'm turning 44. What I really want from my dear readers is: (a) lots of prompts (b) lots of reblogs, and (c) some rave reviews.

When I get back home from Buggeritsalongwayoff, you will all be receiving a brand new free short story. A combination of thanks for sticking with me for so long, my birthday celebrations, and a little dash of All Hallow's Read.

It's kind of annoying that my best 'sellers' are the things I give away for nothing. I hope that the free stuff encourages curiosity about the rest of my stuff, but so far, it's not that great a sales tactic.

Ah well, at least I'm averaging one sale of The Amity Incident per week. That's better than nothing.

And tomorrow, when I have the time to fart around, I will be flinging Kung Fu Zombies at yet another agent. And chasing my beta-readers to get back to me about Adapting because I'm nearing the halfway mark with Beauties and the Beastly.

...And continuing the gradual and complete unfucking of the entire dang house...

Lots to do. I'll get there, though.