I made it another week

Critical Role will be live in five hours. I hope to be able to view it. That gives me five hours to do my Instant, write one thousand words, and generally make sure my meat suit is fed and healthy.

This whilst experiencing intermittent internet problems for some reason.

First diagnostic revealed that I was hooked up to the wrong wifi. Fingers crossed that that is all that's wrong with my connection.

I have my phone, so if things go very south, there is an option for letting y'all know what's screwed up and where.

BUT... that hasn't gone down yet, so we'll see how well I can do.

The plans for Unsuitable Food include ice cream and strawberry conserve for me, and a singular dinner box for my little darlings. Beloved is working so much that I'm pretty much leaving them to their own devices on this one.

MeMum has found something I need for a project I was merely gassing about until yesterday - a homemade string bag. Made with actual twine that promises to outlast most other things.

If you're interested, it's a gigantic crochet hook. I may or may not post photos somewhere.

Also in the gaseous state are my plans to invent a coconut milk jar. With an in-built stirring paddle so people who imbibe/use that stuff can stir it up and pour with little in the way of farting about.

I've explained the concept to Beloved. We'll see if it gets past the gas stage.