I love Free Fiction Daily

They're so cute. And surprising. Every day (usually) I advertise my daily Instant on Twitter and Tumblr. And every day, Free Fiction Daily takes my story and gives it exposure and then tells the world.

I'm usually in the leisure section, but once in a while FFD surprises me.

So far, I have been in Adult, Art & Entertainment, and Environment. And today? I wound up in World.

I have now been in every section except above the "fold" where the main stories are. I wonder if I should talk to the editor about that. And if it pays anything. I could do a great piece about the real value of "great exposure" to an indie artist like myself.

Hint: It's exactly what I get paid. Zip.

Exposure via e-papers like FFD is a thrill, I'm certain. A laugh for sure, because I can never tell where I'll end up. And I have the bonus of sharing exposure with fellow authors who have also done a free piece picked up by the lovely editor, Paul Johnson.

Their followers may get to know about me. My followers may get to know about them. Exposure doesn't sell very many books, but at least people see my name.

And they see my site, because the direct link goes straight here. Some few brave souls may be curious enough to click around. A very rare soul may even wander into my Smashwords Profile and explore some more free stories.

Inkitt has helped make more sales - strictly for The Amity Incident for some reason - than anywhere else that I have gained exposure.

At the rate of once a fortnight, but -hey- sales are at least some income.

And the really generous can always leave a contribution in the little box.