I learned some things, today

Well, technically in the last 24 hours since I last blogged. In no particular order...

  • An ounce of prevention is worth squid-all nothing if you don't have it with you
  • Plovers can defend their territory in family flocks
  • If you move while they're backing up for another run, you're out of the area much quicker
  • Asthma is a harsh master
  • We don't have enough cellophane to wrap all nine gift baskets
  • When getting bottles from a dollar shop, always buy a spare in case of breakages
  • 2:30 in the morning should be banned by the Geneva convention (guess when I woke up, folks!)
  • Medicine and medicinal type supplements work far more effectively when you frelling take them every day [Would you believe I forgot for half the firkin year?]
  • Siri hears "rolls of cellophane" and thinks I want cellophane-wrapped bread rolls
  • Early prep for important events is just as important as the events themselves

So with that in mind, once the kids are off for their adventures, I shall be desperately hunting down (a) turkey and (b) cellophane as well as (c) any other long-term stuff I can lay in for the Christmas Feast.

We have the freezer space, now. We should be fine.

I'll start panicking about presents for the kids after we get paid tomorrow.