I have to push myself

I have a routine, now, for exercise. I can make myself do it every day. But setting time apart for the things that need to be done?

WAY more difficult.

I have to exercise. My future career as a writer kind of depends on doing something on a daily basis, whether I'm 'feeling it' or not. I have to apply the same self-enforcement to cleaning. And if I can drag my loving progeny into helping out, that would be brilliant.

Todays goal: One load each and some generic tidying.

I am going to get the drifts off the floor (or at least into one area) if it kills me. And it just might. It'll certainly knock my spoons in half to get my little darlings involved.

Plus I really should cook dinner instead of reheating something. Should probably stock up on chook bits at Dickson's... we're running low. Still got loads of sausages and steak. We'll figure out something.

Get what needs to be done out of the way so that we can all carry on with what we want to do. If I can get the house looking better on an incremental basis, it may not be so bad...

I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. I'm sure of it.