I have the best followers in the world

It’s true.

You guys helped me out when I was alone and feeling more than a little lost.

Special big squishy huggle thanks to weirdlet, recklessprudence, sigmabunny and amongthegentlymad. You helped a lot.

The fear is still there, but only when I think about it now.

Maybe I should invest in one of those giant teddy-bears I keep seeing in Costco or something. Something fuzzy to cling to in times of inexplicable emotional crisis.

It’s probably some marker of my steady spiral into madness, but -hey- I wouldn’t be a good writer if I was sane.

[Apologies to people still labouring under the illusion that they’re perfectly sane. I’m sorry, but there’s no such thing as perfectly sane. Those who are “close enough” tend to live mainstream lives and accept anything that the Media feeds them. On second thought - why am I apologising? You probably don’t know my blog exists.]

At least I know how to pretend to be normal enough. That’s something, right?

It’s late. I’m being silly. And that’s good enough for now, I guess.

Thank you, and may Positive Synchronicity lead your path.