I got this!

I just used some quiet time to record five more stories for Inter-Mission. I shall use the next set of quiet hours to edit an episode. Let's see if I get the spare ready before I post the next episode.

Honestly, with editing and music selection and everything, it takes me roughly four hours to put together a half-hour show. That's pretty slack. I need to know some better techniques or figure out where I can trim some time.

Or, you know, learn how to focus on one thing at a time. Which I don't know how to do and fear I never will.

This week, I shall brave myself up to send Adapting to another potential person who might want it. It's scary. I got five bites at this apple and once I send this off, it's a countdown to me being a zero.

...yeah. I've hinged way too much on this thing being a success.