I feel... not yet fantastic

Throwing off lurgi is easier with ginger and rest. It's day three of feeling awful, and I'm almost back up to my base levels.

At least I have an appetite, now.

Which means that I can go ahead with booking the flu jabs for the family. Which means the dreaded phone call because the health app won't let you do multiple bookings.

On the downside, there is something wrong with the rig I had thought was recharging my laptop and investigation needs to happen. Which means that the possibility of mobility is temporarily shut off for me.


I'm of the opinion that the entire laptop-and-charger setup needs looking at by professionals. Which might cost as much as a new chromebook. Sigh.

At least they're relatively cheap, as laptops go.

That's all up in the air for now. For all I know, Beloved will just poke the thing and it will lurch back into life again. O to have magic, technology-healing powers. Me? I have techno-blight. My only technomancy is necromancy. Specifically, touch of death.

Alas, the charger I was using was also the charger I tried to charge my Kindle on. So both lappy and kindle are defunct. At least journals and art books don't need batteries. And speaking of, I should get back to doing a doodle a day.

Can't get better if I don't practice.