I am disappoint

Mayhem is officially in the shit. He lied about being permitted to go home on Monday, so not I need actual office verification before I take one step to go collect him.

Mayhem knows he's stepped in it, and time will tell whether or not this inspires some responsibility. I'm starting with getting him to clean up his own messes.

Fingers crossed he wakes up to himself. Because his options are shape up or ship out. If he isn't a student, he can get a job. One way or another, that lad is paying rent.

Having paid work will do the world of good for him IMHO.

Today, I have to think up something for Wordpress. I might save that for afterwards. I still owe my Patrons a stalled fanfic. That's definitely happening today.

I have successfully backed up all my old fanficcery into my other google drive, so yay there.

Hey, maybe I could have a go at explaining my fictional economy in my pet universe. There's a lot of fuss about giving people what they need, and who, exactly, is "lazy". I'll try not to go into Leftist Foaming. You're welcome.

We'll see when I get there.