i am a trans woman in danger of being physically assaulted and need money for moving




my name is kylie (or) stephanie. i’m 20 years old and live in niagara falls ontario. this city is regarded as one full of homophobia and transmisogyny as ive been told by many LGBT individuals. this morning i received two very stressful anon messages. 


shortly following my response to this message, this was sent

the pixelated text is my current address. these are being sent by somebody who knows where i live. i am not safe in niagara falls. i need money to move ASAP.

i have friends in British Columbia who are willing to house me once i raise enough to cover moving expenses.

Please - i am begging you to not just “signal boost”. please donate if you can even if its just 5 dollars. despite a huge boost in notes last night for my original post about my gofundme i did not receive a single donation in the last 24 hours.

please. donate. i need to escape niagara falls. people here say this to me constantly.