::Hyper-frenetic Chase Music::

It's the day for laying in supplies, storage of same, and unfucking the house without paid assistance.

If I can convince the family to do some of the storage and unfucking, I might be ahead of the game. Stop laughing at me in that tone of voice.

It's almost 6AM. I am going to try for the Instant before I go rocketting off on my assorted adventures.

I already know I'm coming home with six kilos of prawns and a big ol' ham. It's the rest of it that is giving me a concern. I haven't found anything colourful or nice to wear for the feast day, and all my old stuff is falling apart because cheap clothes do that, and some part of me wants to add a bunch of veggies so I can get back to having plants in my diet and AAAAUUUGH.

I always go bonkers during Crimbolio. This is just the minor manifestation of the same.

...also have to remember to feed the cats...

UPDATE - I am having some shenanigans with the forum so used prompts are being tagged with a notification until I can get this mess unfucked. Thank you for your patience.