Hocus pocus

I seriously need to focus. No looking up new material on my problematic fave. No attempting to write more fanfic about that selfsame asshole elf.

I'm writing today's story, and then I'm off to MeMum's for some tech support folderol.

Which is hard for me.

I've already shut down all the tempting windows so that I can keep my mind in the wheelhouse. But I have rapidly-multiplying plotbunnies and they're all so shiny... I want to succumb to that temptation.

But that path leads to wondering what the hell happened to the day.

So I'm forcing myself to make things happen in the proper order. Instead of zoning out into another dimension for shits and giggles.

...which I'll probably do as a mental exercise on the road anyway, but that's neither here nor there.

Self-shill Sunday tomorrow. I'll be advertising all my books on both my author and my main account. I may even branch out to Facebook and try to flog a few novels there.

I'll see where the day takes me. But likely not inspiration, because Plotbunnies.