Hey fellow writers!


I just want to take this time to say you’re all awesome. Seriously, every single one of you is awesome.

The genre doesn’t matter. The fandom doesn’t matter. The ship doesn’t matter.

You can write novels or you can write drabbles. You can write daily or you can write once in a blue moon. You can swing between struggling to get words down on paper or juggling multiple plots at once.

It doesn’t matter if you have been writing for years or if you’ve just started out. Sometimes you write even though you have doubts about your skill and sometimes you write even though you don’t get exposure or recognition. But you keep writing and that’s what matters.

What matters is that you’re creating something. You, and only you, can bring your characters and your stories to life.

So just in case you ever feel left out or hesitant, doubtful or alone, always know that your characters love you and need you. Always know that you have a writing family out here. We might not always talk, but we’re here for you. <3