Herp de Derp

As usual, I got my wires crossed and the day when I'm getting that heart monitor is NEXT Wednesday. I found out when I looked up my calendar and realised that I was a week ahead of myself.

Everything else is in sync, just this one thing has got mis-assigned. Go figure.

I'm getting ahead on the new regime. For limited definitions of 'ahead'. Instead of doing everything with my inertia-bound Beloved, I use the time when they are making me spin my wheels with other things. Taking all my supplements and then doing Chaos' hair seems to cover the time that Beloved spends reading on the dunny.

I can also do other things in the morning while everyone else seems determined to waste my time. For instance - this is the first morning that I have sorted clean laundry in a long, long time. I might even have a bare laundry floor by the time my friendo comes to visit.

...pity about the rest of the house...

What I really need is a strategy for the low-energy days when I can barely drag myself through self-maintenance. Because those are the times when things mount up against me. Having an effective tactic for dealing with things when I can't deal with things would be a definite boon.

There's four people in this house and only one who seems to do anything to stop it becoming a complete sty. And I tend to fall over a lot, so that's not really working.

On the good news side of things, I've found out about CreateSpace, which is Amazon's version of on-demand printing. I want to know if they take things that are previously published on Smashwords, but it might be a way for me to get my previous stuff in a dead tree edition.

It's up in the air, right now, but it's a possibility.

Kung Fu Zombies is doing another tour of agent. I now have a 30-agent-long list which will test my patience to the extreme before I get to the end of it. I might have four books written by the time I finally find an agent willing to deal with me.

Or I might give up and throw it at CreateSpace. Who knows?