Hello Madness

I have until roughly 10:00 to do all my Patreon stuff. Then it's off to the shrink for fun times in BusyLand. Then home-again to finish off whatever's been left undone and get me some ice cream because I will DESERVE IT by then.

My practice dude is looking almost finished and I'm kind of proud. I have learned lots from him and he may never be Actually Finished to a point where a model painter would point and say, "nice", but his purpose was to teach and I'll leave him at a stage where I like him.

Onwards to Practice Dude #2.

I have three of them and getting my technique of progress is the priority. I may use all of them to work out how to get my main guy to look GOOD.

Anyway. 'Tis time to watch for Chaos' bus. I must work on my novel.