Happy birthday to me

This is the third year I've given away a story on my birthday for free. I have quite the stable of free tales but this is more introspective than most.

When you look at society, really look at society, you discover a great deal of unfairness based entirely on things an individual can not help.

Skin tone - society judges you within thirteen seconds and that prejudice remains. The darker your skin, the more threatening you are to paler people.
Genitals - you bet society is going to discriminate on that. If you have one set, you have all the advantages, if you have the other, you get all the judgement. And unwanted attention from the advantaged set.
Mental disorder - if it shows, you're going to get judged, babied and mistreated. If it doesn't show much, you get condescended at. If you can successfully hide it - you're faking and you don't need help.

It's ridiculous.

And this year, I wanted to highlight that by showing how much perfection in society's eyes costs.

I hope you enjoy it.