Happy anniversary, babe

It's almost been twenty years of togetherness for Beloved and I. Twenty years of them putting up with my crap. Plus all the time we had as mere cuddle-buddies, which doesn't count apparently. Otherwise, it'd be twenty-two.

We have plans to go see Logan in a Gold Class cinema, which means I pretty much have to hurry up and do this thing as fast as I can.

No sign of rejection from A2B.

Chaos is officially critter-free, and I owe the school a copy of my very special recipe for getting rid of those pesky hair-bugs. I guess it must be super-effective.

BUT all that is going to happen tomorrow. Today is about the love of my life and having some fun with them.

The eighth of March has some very significant import, this year.

  • It's our anniversary
  • It's the day of feedback from A2B
  • And I think someone has a psych appointment that day, too

Either way, I'm going to be pretty busy, next week. I might not have time to succumb to temptation and start my next novel early.

Why do events cluster?