Halp I don't know how to schmooze

Beloved just gave me an interesting question.

“Why not gift some copies of your book to some famous people?”

Now… I definitely don’t want to come across like “Hi, I’m Erika…” Nope. Hell nope. All aboard the nope train to fuckoffsville.

Similarly, I don’t want to wind up in the trash because these lovely peeps probably get INUNDATED with shit from peeps who want to latch onto their notoriety like some kind of lamprey.

I don’t even want to do that… I just sort of have to because lingering in obscurity is doing me zero favours.

I do not know where the balance is. Where’s the ideal place between sycophantic clinging to someone else’s effort and fame, and here’s-my-thing-I-hope-you-like-it. I don’t even know the best way to send said peeps my stuff.

Is there like a short list of popular sci-fi nerds I can fling The Amity Incident at and maybe get good results?

I know to not give a book to another author. That can lead to trouble. Ideas are infectious and pernicious creatures.

So I’m left with actors, celebrities and (ugh) political figures.

Do you have any good ones?