Gotta run!

Mayhem has an appointment with experts today. Today we find out about Schrodinger's gallstones. Today, also, I am getting a bunch of stuff for the stew I have plns for.

Slow cooker plus diced beefs plus some cheap scrag ends plus whatever veggies I like that fit in there equals yummy stoo.

Just like last night's rissoles, it won't last long.

We have to order more pig parts, sheep parts, and perhaps goat parts if we're feeling adventurous. We're definitely going to be looking into getting some free range pig now that I know some exists.

But that will be happening later.

Beloved has begun the Spring Carnival Rush, which involves a LOT of working a LOT of long hours and us barely glancing at each other until half-past November at the earliest.

And I have to cook up something creepy, disturbing, and horrific for All Hallows' Read.

Fun times.