Good News, Bad News

Good news: We have paid for a split system air conditioner, like we've been gassing about since we were building the house.

Bad news: It cost more than I anticipated to spend and is going to cost Beloved even more so because installation has to happen via a qualified electrician. So installation of said air con is happening sometime soonish.

Good news: I have a summer haircut.

Bad news: Which also cost more than we anticipated.

The best news is that it looks really cool. I have an undercut, which means that the crest is roughly the same volume of hair as the rest of the "normal" world, albeit purple. The rest of it is shaved really short and a vibrant pink.

I love it.

I can put my crest down and look vaguely normal-ish or tie it up and be remotely associated with punk. I could even do a messy-bun on top of my head and look like a cartoon character.

I may even get one of those hairdresser/makeup dollies so I can show my family how to do Dutch/French braids so I can have one of those hanging off the top of my head.

The possibilities are fun.

I'm fixing this years' collection of Instants way faster than I ever fixed my master file. Not much to fix, to be honest. Just titles and the occasional bit of spelling.

More free time for me. More opportunities to have fic for you. Yay.