"Good" morning

I managed to sneak in something related to three more hours of sleep. For all the good it's done. I'm just as tired and spoonless and grumpy as I would have been if I'd stayed awake.

I've given Beloved a sports drink [I always have a few for emergencies] and a bottle of filtered water. And yes, I will be checking on them later.

Gastro is nasty business. And poor Beloved has been going at both ends. So very much not good.

Thank the Powers That Be for slow cookers. They are a blessing on spoonless days like this one.

I still need to get my footwear on and have my coffee. I need my coffee today. I may even need to. And because of the copious amounts of sugar I need to make coffee acceptable, I also need lots of water to at least try and ensure the integrity of my teeth.

The sooner we can grow new dentition from our own stem cells, the better off I'll be.

Living life without as many sweet things has been some degree of hell for me.

BUT I still have to keep on trying. And keep on looking after my family. Because I'm the only me I have. And I'm the only me that my family has got, too.

I need coffee.