It's one of my fave acronyms when things go agley to the point of explosive frustration. And this morning has definitely been GFDI material.

I discovered this morning that the love of my life had not acquired their 'Flu shot this year. And apparently the fact that the entire family caught a virus was enough to convince them that this year's 'Flu shots are a crock of crap.

Which meant that I had to spend some time quietly explaining the science behind 'Flu shots. Every year, the scientists and statisticians behind the shots analyse all the virii going about and pick the one most likely to become a pandemic-level plague and give people a really bad time.

This doesn't mean that they're always right. Nor does it mean that the virus they picked still can't be enough of a threat if you're not protected.

Besides, the thing we have is in no way related to a rhinovirus. This thing went straight for the throat and lungs without stopping to leave a note at the sinuses.

This morning, Miss Chaos actually had the smarts to put on a coat, but delayed because of cold toes. I swear this kid has some solder missing on her logic circuits. I helped her realise 'bedsocks!' and attempted to get on with my morning.

And then I discovered wildlife in my little darlings' hair.


I barely have the spoons to drag myself around, today. I do not have the energy to round up nasty little beasties from Chaos' head again. But I have to, because otherwise those horrible little shits proliferate and spread.

And even though I'm on the slow slide downwards into virally-inspired and abject misery,I would not want to put any other parental through that kind of noise.

What I gotta figure out is how to do it without spreading this plague around at the same time.