Getting there

I just cleared two hundred stories in the editing of One Year of Instants (2017). And in the middle of a Queensland Summer, the best time to do that is when I wake up at fuck-off in the morning.

Tomorrow, I will get up to three hundred. And the day after that, I shall reach the end of all the stories and footnotes, and then I get to see if I did it right.

If not, I have to spend another early morning going through the entire damn book and fixing it.

I basically work on my Instants and anything I need to post in the early AM before my office turns into a sauna/easy-bake oven. Which is happening at an earlier and earlier hour. Because Queensland Summers are gross.

Anyone who wants to deny global warming because it's snowing in their neck of the woods is fucking welcome to come to my neck of the woods and slowly roast in my backyard. It's what you deserve, you arsehole.


I finished the fanfic Strange Visitors so I'm back to popping up a chapter of that every AM. But not before I've done my editing for the morning.

And now I have to get the Instants set up before I begin roasting.