Getting there by bits

I've been drybrushing my dude and I put in his eye. A procedure which required retouching his guyliner for each colour applied.

I want to re-enforce my dude's eyebrows with a little dotpainting, and also add a few highlights on all that lovely blue skin. He's almost finished. I'm also working on a Kobold for shits and giggles. Little dude is looking SUPER dark right now. He needs highlights.

I have nothing to rant about this week, so my followers on Wordpress are going to get a second chapter of Adapting. I can put three chapters out there because that's the absolute maximum you can send to any agent or publisher. This has a chance of making things easier for publishers to see my stuff and maybe like me enough to get into contact one way or another.

Of course, I do plan to scope out anyone who contacts me out of the blue, and to refuse anyone who insists on any amount of money down. The money floweth towards the author. End of. I'm not daft.


Today's shenanigans will include a stop by Dicksons' to order the Yule Ham and some tiger prawns. Preferably farmed. Beloved and I need to discuss the yule feast, and I need to figure out gifts. Yikes.

Tomorrow's stream will be on Twitch because of a YouTube strike going on. Link's over in the menu if you're awake when I'm awake.

Fingers crossed that everything works out. Hope to see you there.