Getting (slowly) better

I had the first good sleep that I can remember since forever. I was actually able to get back to sleep after needing to get up to pee during the wee small hours. [Darn rosemary tea before bedtime] and I'm feeling less 'foggy' than previously.

The only side effect is a slight clogging of the airways that could easily be Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season up to its usual tricks. It feels like I'm breathing through a straw. Only the straw is inside my throat.

I'm still prone to a little bit of the yawns, but it's only my eyes that are tired.

Beloved has some time off, today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is when I get a raised lump on my shoulder-blade cut off and looked at. So today... we go out to the movies. Not that there's anything truly special on, we just want to have a small bit of fun before I'm in a large bit of pain.

As such, today's free tale is going to be a wee bit rushed. Sorry about that.