Getting Re-organised

I've probably caught up with everything. I have this last year's worth of Instants collated into the anthology and all I have to do yet is adjust the cover and transform it into the right kind of document and then link all the footnotes.

Which means upgrading some important software so that I can actually do the footnotes without having to transport my document to another computer and fart around there.

"All". Yeah. Things get complicated when I set out to do simple tasks.

We also need Ashwagandha and a fresh calendar for this year, and that is just plain easier to do than figuring out the other shiznit. So... the instant I'm done with my story, I'm off on some adventures to just go pick up a few things.

I also just realised we'll need cream, too.

Fun times ahead and I'm already late with the Instant for today. But that's because I have sheer HOURS of footage for Oh My Mods. Whee.