I am so excited. I am going to play a slutty, slutty Tiefling who's basically Fantasy Nightcrawler. Because I rolled low for my constitution, I gotta clear with the DM about whether or not using a plotline to fix that could be a thing.

If not, it's still early enough to re-roll that and retcon some shit. We shall see.

I got way ahead on my word count, yesterday, which means my novel writing needs only 300-ish words before my 3K for this week is done.

I'm drawing to a close on the fanfic I affectionately call "Dibbles 2" in honour of a now absent friend. Coming soon - "Dibbles 3" because I haven't yet run out of alliterative titles that start with three W's and I am a fink.


Onwards to the shenanigans, since it's nearly Brat-run O'clock.