Tonight is game night and I am so pumped about it that I awoke at 3AM and had various difficulties sleeping the remainder of the morning.

I am going to be WRECKED tomorrow. Be warned.

With the grace of the Powers That Be, and a LOT of caffeine, I and my character will survive the evening. I plan on having fun with everything, no matter what.

I also have to unfuck the house today. A PLN somewhat helped by the fact that I ran some of the bigger objects of mess through the dishwasher during the week. Yay me. I did a thing unprompted. Woo.

Now I have a lot - but overall less - to clean up today. On top of making certain I have the wherewithal to play D&D tonight. Which is, I have to confess, the part that's nearest and dearest to my little blackened heart.

I'm also publishing an episode of Inter-Mission today, so look out for that. Happening very soon now. Just like today's Instant.