Day 4 of official home quarantine procedures. Mayhem has work, and I started my morning thinking that my cat was going to die.

Apparently, when cats taste something they don't like, they smack their chops and make a lot of spit bubbles. I learned this because I spent a panicked half hour and $100 taking Pippi to the vet to find out that she wasn't poisoned or victim to a surprise disease.


Lots of public places prefer to keep their distance and the vet's is no exception. We were shouting at each other from two meters apart, getting all the Q's answered. Then it was hand over the cat and wait in the car for the verdict and then the bill.


I still haven't done buggerall on the next episode of Inter-Mission to fill out the buffer. I might not do it today, either.

At least Friday is Baking Day and therefore a good excuse to faff around on my compy for various things. Including editing the dang ep like I've been gassing about for firkin DAYS.

Chaos has some at-home education to do when she wakes up, but I'm still waiting for her to wake up. Bleh.

For now though - story time. Whee.