Fun was had should be edited, but right now I feel about as creative as a shred of cardboard. I can write maybe one or two sentences in anything I want to write.

I want to experience something new, but I don't want to start on anything. It's like I'm circling some kind of drain and I don't know how to get myself out of it.

Got any suggestions for sweet-happy cheer-up material that's minimal effort? I kind'a need it.

They're cracking down on public gatherings and it currently costs a citizen over $1K to run the risk of catching Covid-19. Yes, there are obviously still idiots who think they're not going to come to harm.

Comparisons with the Flu are bad, m'kay? Covid-19 is at minimum twice as infectious with an incubation period that's three-to-four times as long. You're also infectious during the incubation period. So that's as long as a fortnight that you're unaware of your sickness and spreading it to twice as many people as you'd reach with the Flu.

You also run the risk of catching it from someone who shows absolutely no warning signs that they might be infected.

So stop comparing this plague to the Flu. Thank you.

Australia is getting the medicine touted by the Muppet as a "miracle cure" and I just know that this is going to cause thousands more deaths. The Muppet doesn't know shit from science and just recently had a pillow manufacturer go on a religious rant praising his Muppetness as an "intervention from God".

I shit you fucking not.

So... when are the waters turning to blood, and when are the locusts scheduled, my dude?

It's going worse than crabonkers in the US. It's shutting down here in Aus. Everyone is firkin scared. Well, everyone except the right-wing lunatics trying to "own the liberals" by deliberately trying to get infected.

Also, the Muppet recently claimed that if the US switched to postal votes, there would never be a Republican elected ever again. Translation: Literally nobody wants your party in office, you useless felt monster.


Onwards to today's story.