Friday, NDIS and other nonsense

Today, I need to have all my paperwork nearby because video conference with NDIS personnel. Fortunately I know where all that paperwork is and my only hurdle thereafter is being able to enable the conference call because they are using the DODGIEST bundle of bloatware they could for this thing. Huzzah.

We need to keep telling public services that use conference calls that Discord is free. It is also not bloatware and also not riddled with hacker loopholes.


Also in my PLNs is to finish off one whole area of dungeon level so my players can eventually dragon in it. I need to hurry up my processes because they're gaining on me!

BUT also I managed to pick THE most difficult adventure to map and now I'm stuck with it. Sigh.

I do what I can with what I got and everyone else has to suck it.