Friday, Day Two, whoopsydoodle

I keep forgetting it's November. Which means that I am overdue for Cashmas Panic. Hell, I haven't even gone looking for MeMum's bifdy present [I even almost forgot the nativity anniversary was yesterday -blush] and that's usually the precursor to Cashmas Panic.

So. Sometime this weekend, I shall be venturing forth from my bunker my bubble my home and either acquiring or sourcing places with which to accomplish a safe and sane yulemas.

Honestly, having a lo-prep Yule is a firkin fantastic idea. Especially given that temperatures in parts of Australia are hitting fifty celsius already. It's not even full summer yet. Fifty celsius is the upper limit of temperatures that the human body can tolerate. [I'm a writer, I research things for fun] People are going to die regardless of whether Australia burns or floods.

It's going to get real bad.


  • The Pizza Bar cluster continues to be investigated
  • Gamer runs $17M drug ring
  • Hotel incident in QLD forces eleven security guards into quarantine
  • ScoMo broke a promise! Shocking
  • Biden told to not play into Brexit
  • Zombie Minks. Don't worry, they're still dead. They just need to be buried again
  • Plant-based meat substitute involves so many exotic ingredients from all over the world that it nukes vegan claims about it being better for the environment
  • You can now eat your own [or someone else's] ass. no, really. I need to write faster

And the story I wrote yesterday, based partially on a weird post by Neil Gaiman about bees, received ZERO INTEREST despite the fact that I tagged the man. Sigh.

Onwards to my usual nonsense. I have Starters to feed and a bikkie to fry.