Friday, Day 1, Bread!

I'm making some stoneground white bread for the family today. One for the table and one for the freezer. If all goes well, I should have some piping hot loaves by the evening. Wholemeal is slower, and generally takes two days unless I start SUPER early. Stoneground white is much faster on the takeoff.

Also in my usual PLNs is the potential to hear Tale Foundry read one or more of my stories. It's 1K Friday, and cleaning day, so I'm bound to be frazzled more than a little bit by tonight.

Speaking of me and counting, it's actually day eighteen of non-community transmission this morning. Fourteen active cases, and all of them are in hospital. Here's to reaching day 20.

In the news:

  • Greens senator calls out TV host for being patronising
  • Missing submarine due to run out of air very soon
  • There's another plague ship off Sydney
  • ScoMo awkward at climate summit
  • War medal lost at beach returned to family after 100 years
  • Woman outraged because bill describes her as "girl by herself"

...and now I write my novel and watch for Chaos' bus. Whee.