Friday, Day 0, Busy 'Nutter

Plague news: Three new cases, two local and one import. There's sixteen total active cases, twelve of those are in hospital. Australia's at 89.9% first vax, 81.9% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 80.5% first vax, 68.8% fully vaxxed. My fair sunshine state is the LAST ONE in the race to fully vax the population. ARGH...

Today on my agenda (in no particular order):

  • Feed starters
  • Cook bikkie
  • Consume same
  • Capture and vaccinate Jolie
  • Phone the landscaping people and ask what's up because form nonsense may not be their forte
  • Work on the current level in TaleSpire
  • Write more fic

At least the writing will be happening in between all the other horseshit. Including parental nonse.

Speaking of nonse, the news:

  • Cricket
  • Extreme weather
  • People are raging against Cleo's Kidnapper's neighbour for some fucking reason
  • Turns out the guy "protecting property" crossed state lines with a gun so it's intentional murder
  • People in India bathing in obviously toxic river (haha third worlders, we are meant to think). Let's not look at who owns the plants putting the toxins in the river - hey look a celebrity!
  • Sir Elton gets another award
  • Poland mobilising

This is why I prefer fiction.