Friday, Day 0, Bread Day

If there's a worse day to have Brain Fog, it's a bread day. I got my self care accomplished... but not in order. It's an accomplish. I'm cooking the bikkie, and the first side needs to be re-done.

So does the second. Ugh.

There's SEVEN new cases today. From Russia without love. Firkin superspreaders. There's twenty total people in quarantine and because of the Russian variant, the quarantine period may be extended. Plagues don't care about the economy or your approval numbers or whatever fucking denial you're pharaoh of... they will charge ahead regardless. This should be a lesson to ingrain in following generations including the rich.

But Humanity is slow at learning these lessons. Last year and the continuing clusterfuck resulting is proof.

Anyway. Today, I make bread. Wilson is growing on my desktop and I have everything measured out and waiting. Baking with the Lauke flour is incredibly quick in comparison.

In the news:

  • Earthquakes in New Zealand spark tsunami warnings
  • Italy blocks shipments of AstraZeneca vaccine to Aus because the paperwork is not in order
  • Muppet throws a tanty at the Wall Street Journal for OpEd piece suggesting the Repugnicans would be better off without him
  • Aussie Billionaire faces financial trouble that will end thousands of Aussie jobs... but possibly maintain his status as a billionaire
  • Queensland nurse deathly allergic to the Pfizer vaccine
  • Dude allegedly killed his own daughter for not divulging where wifey was. Yikes
  • Woolies empties shelves of all products that need bees to happen in order to raise awareness about bee survival
  • Lupus linked to silica dust in groundbreaking case
  • QLD health very worried about superspreaders
  • Japan wants China to stop the anal swab tests
  • Stray cat attacks pilot, causes emergency landing
  • Jamie Oliver puts grapes on pizza, causes internet outrage
  • Teen stung by jellyfish, dies
  • Amazon changes logo so it looks less like Hitler
  • Mythbusting team sets sights on anti-vaxxers

I have a 1K goal for today's novel writing, the house unfuckening, and today's tale to tell. As well as bread.

Let's get something going.