Fixing Finalising

I finally fixed the true count of all my Instants, yesterday, so now I'm moving on to this Year of Instants to make sure the chapter headings are all good, the footnote count is okay, and the spelling is on point.

I may do five a day, or go as far as ten a day. I'll see how much time it eats.

This weekend's twenty-four hours' carb feast involved two cheesecakes! French Vanilla and Flaked Chocolate. Eaten with boysenberry or chocolate ice cream and spray cream. Delicious, but I'm up by over half a kilo.

I've eaten the equivalent of half a cheesecake and half a tub of ice cream inside of twenty-four hours. I wasn't even keeping track of how much spray cream I had, but there's like half a can left for my little darlings in the fridge.

I'm still around 74 kilos, so things are looking good for me heading towards my goal of 70.

The last two kilos were my former hurdle. We'll see how things go this time around.

We're already planning an expedition to a discount place, so I may even spend less than the $600 I have ear-marked for the dang thing. Bonus for my compy fund.

Right now? It's a bonus for you, because I'm off to work on today's Instant. If time allows, I might even get a wriggle on with today's TAZ prompt.

Let's see if my muse is with me.